How we work
Our work methodology is simple, professional and customer focused. We start with the premise that “the customer is always right” and give our complete attention to their ideas, expectations and requirements. With this background, we design and develop comprehensive solutions and provide alternatives to clients. We discuss each solution in detail with the client and provide guidance at every stage to help in arriving at the best and most suitable alternative.

How are we different?

Innovation : At Taamaesek, we believe that continuous innovation is the key to success. Our team members are trained to think “out-of-the-box” to achieve continuous improvement in the way we serve our clients. With our proven ability to generate innovative alternate solutions for a project, we assist in selection of the best option, which will benefit clients and end users on a long term basis.

Complete solutions : We have the unique expertise within the firm to provide complete solutions for clients. The one-stop-solution that we provide results in enhanced value in terms of time and cost savings for clients. For instance, our typical design of a residential project would include the full range of essential and recreational facilities. This enables Clients to effectively and competitively market their projects resulting in a “win-win” situation.

End user focus : We fully understand that Clients are successful only if the end-users are satisfied. With this objective, we design and provide for special options such as park for the elderly, medical dispensary, academic training centre, beauty parlours and saloons.

Transparency : Our organizational philosophy is based on integrity, trust and transparency. We perceive Clients as our partners and take great pride in offering them honest and transparent solutions. At every stage of the project, we have meaningful engagements with clients and provide real-time progress reports.

Professionalism : At Taamaesek, every project, big or small, is handled in a professional manner. During the early stages, we regularly conduct internal project review sessions, where our team members discuss ideas, issues and problems. In particular, lateral thinking is encouraged and employees who come up with innovative solutions are rewarded. This professional approach has enabled us to successfully design and manage very large and complex projects.